Top 5 high-fiber food you really need to have!


There is no double that fiber has many benefits on our bodies, it can normalize and maintain bowel health, lower risk of hemorrhoids affections, help control blood sugar levels, achieving a healthy weight and lower cholesterol level, we actually can’t list all the benefits but those are the main ones.

For those who doesn’t know what a fiber, also known as roughage, means, doctors define it as “the indigestible part of plant foods (such as grains, fruits, vegetables, nuts, and beans) that travels through our digestive system, absorbing water along the way and easing bowel movements.”, Now that you know what is a fiber and what benefits it has, here are the best 5 foods with high-fiber level…

1 – Artichoke:

Did you know that Artichoke is one of the top sources of dietary fiber in the world? yeah, this kind of vegetables have about 8% of fiber, for every 100 grams of artichoke, you will have 8 grams of fiber, doctors always recommend having raw artichoke instead of cooking it.

2 – Lentils:

Our second favorite high fiber food is lentils, they are also well known with their fiber level, this type of food have about 7% of fiber, for every 100 grams you will get 7 grams of fiber, the interesting fact about lentils is that they are really cheap and affordable for everyone, and also considered as the top nutritious food.

3 – kidney beans:

The third food is kidney beans, they are called kidney beans because of their shape and color that looks like a kidney’s one, it has about 6% of fiber, for every 100 grams of it, you will have 6 grams of fiber, actually, all kind of beans are really recommended according to researchers studies, make sure you have them on your journeys.

4- Split peas:

Another great food full of dietary fiber is split peas, same as Artichoke that we cover first, split peas have also 8% of dietary fiber, for every 100 grams of split peas, you will get a total of 8 grams of fiber, enough to give you the full benefits of it, those are made from dried peeled peas.

5- Chickpeas:

Last but not least, chickpeas are also one of the food that we have to recommend you in this article, it is considered as a legume that’s full of fiber, protein and minerals, it has about 7% of fiber, so for every 100% of chickpea, you will get 7 grams of fiber.

We highly recommend these kinds of foods and more based on doctors said, you also have to know that dietary fiber has 2 varieties, soluble fibers (those are founded in oatmeal, beans, nuts, and fruits), insoluble fibers (they can be found in carrots, celery, tomatoes, grains, and wheat cereals), but for those who aren’t a fan of the list of food we provided, there are supplements that you can use to level up the dietary fiber in your body, but we can’t recommend one as you have to see your doctor to do so.

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