7 Surprising Vegan Foods You Never Knew Before But They Are!


Thinking about lunch is confusing for many, and this confusion increases with following a healthy food style, when the choices decrease and become limited and routine, so many lose their passion for the idea and return again to eating fatty foods because they are delicious and available, so that this does not happen to you a variety of food A healthy, delicious vegetable that does not include meat in its components helps you continue with your healthy pattern.

Lentil kofta.

It is one of the famous foods in Turkish cuisine, which depends on lentils rich in vegetable protein and therefore it is a good alternative to red meat, and lentils help in enhancing the body’s energy and giving it vitality and vitality, and for this it is effective in treating headaches, and strengthens teeth and keeps them from decay, as well as reduces the level of Cholesterol and blood sugar. It also protects the heart from strokes, strokes and heart attacks.

Vegetarian burger with vegetables.

The burger is an American food, but it spread at lightning speed until it became served with different shapes and foods around the world, and it consists of a sandwich of meat or chicken added to it onions, cheese, lettuce, tomatoes with ketchup and mayonnaise, that delicious combination attracted many and became lovers from everywhere In the world, if you are a fan of burgers but fear yourself obesity, you can try veggie burger with vegetables for a delicious and healthy taste.

Vegan mayonnaise.

Since we provided the healthy alternative to the burger, we must present the healthy alternative to the ingredient that the burger is indispensable and does not serve without him, except mayonnaise, where eggs can be dispensed and replaced with boiled potatoes to reduce calories without losing the delicious taste.


For lovers of buftik and Albanian chicken, you are a taro vegetable substitute for scallops, which provides you with great nutrients. If you do not like the traditional methods of preparing taro, you can try this new and delicious recipe and prepare it in a Albanian way, and take advantage of the vitamins (c, b, d) present in it, and that eating Taro in the winter helps to avoid colds and flu. It strengthens immunity and resists bacteria and viruses.

Vegetable Shish Tawook.

It is one of the delicious dishes spread in most fast food stores and loved by many, and it consists of small cubes of marinated chicken thighs and placed in wooden skewers with colored pepper and roasted on charcoal, and since we offer vegetarian dishes free of meat we will replace the chicken with mixed vegetables and prepare them in the same way as shish tawook to preserve The taste is great but in a more healthy way.

Potato tray in the oven.

It is a traditional meal that is not devoid of a table for any home, as it can be served with white rice, and although many people prefer eating a potato tray with meat, it can also be prepared without it and this will not disturb the taste, as potatoes are vegetables that many accept and eat with all Shapes.

The Lebanese Muhammara.

Muhammara is a common food in the Levant, where the people of Lebanon and Syria are good at presenting it in the most delicious way, and it consists mainly of ground cakes with sweet pepper paste and it is one of the basic items on the Shamra trip, it is one of the delicious dishes that are quickly prepared, and can be served in breakfast or as appetizers for lunch It is one of the distinctive and fun recipes.

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