5 Healthy foods for your nails, skin and hair.


You might be wondering about what healthy foods you need to have daily for a good skin, nails and hair, there is no doubt that nutrition have a huge impact on our body, the reason why you should carefully choose what to eat in order to nourish and strengthen, and that’s what our brand new article is about, where you can find 5 healthy foods that you can reap many benefits from.


For those who doesn’t know, salmon is full of protein and vitamin D, vitamin E, zinc, not only that but also omega 3 fat acids, that keeps your scalp healthy and promote your hair growth. It also reduces the body inflammation which may help you keep your skin so moisturized, and that’s our favorite one for this purpose.


If you are not having sweet potatoes on your daily meals, then you are wasting a lot of good things, since this great vegetable consist of beta carotene and that’s what plays the role of sunblock to protect your skin and keep it healthy, researchers prove that the beta carotene can adds warm tones to the skin, which shows and overall good healthier look.



There are some people who puts avocados on their hair as a hair care, since this fruit is full of vitamin E (which is an antioxidant that can help repair scalp damage), healthy fat (omega 3 fatty acids) and vitamin B, and those play main role on cellular level to protect and strengthen hair,  not only that but avocado can also fight the signs of aging, and then prevents against inflammation of the skin.


Another element that many people use as a hair care treatment, and you may find a lot of different shampooing made out of eggs, those are the recommended shampooing for a better result, and that’s because eggs contain biotin and that’s a vitamin B, the low level of that vitamin could lead to a serious problem such as brittle nails and hair loss, the reason why we recommend having eggs not only as nutrition but also as a cosmetic essential for your hair.


Last but not least, Tomatoes has also good impact on your body, this vegetable is considered as a good source of vitamin C and contains lycopene. Beta-carotene, lutein and lycopene, research show that those 4 things have a good result on protecting your skin against sun damage, and also prevent aging signs.

Bottom Line from Healthy foods for your nails, skin and hair:

As we cannot mention all the good healthy foods for your skin, hair and nails, we’ve covered our favorites one that we suggest you try, but we don’t recommend using those food as treatments, if you feel like you are suffering from certain skin, hair or nails issues, it would be better if you contact your healthcare professional, these foods are only helpful to maintain the health situation you have. So always remember that your daily lifestyle and diet, have a crucial impact on those 3 parts.

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